Last modified by Ludovic Dubost on 2022/01/27 13:39

I'm very silent on this blog since 3 years. The reason for it is that talking is very time consuming, and hard to do at the same time as doing.

In the last years, I've preferred to use my time doing and focusing on the projects that XWiki SAS works on, XWiki and CryptPad and the employees and clients of XWiki SAS.

The last years have kept us busy through:

  • the growth of XWiki and more clients coming to it as well as new Cloud & Apps offers
  • the addition of the very promising CryptPad project, which provides end-to-end encrypted collaboration and document editing
  • making XWiki SAS a better company on many aspects

I still talk at conferences on our projects, XWiki & CryptPad and also about the financing of Open Source.

If you come through this blog, try our projects, we communicate less than we work on them !